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how is this possible?
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Thursday, January 8th, 2004
10:45 am
when one has nothing to say, one should stop being so fucking lame.
tho, hey guyth. tho, how gay am i?

not only am i gay, but i do dumb thingth. holy hell do i know how to create awkwardneth.

Current Mood: gay
Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
10:09 am
dear diary,
i'm thutch a dick. THUTCH A DICK. it'th lorin'th birthday. latht year i totally forgot about her birthday becauthe i wath too buthy thucking dick. i mean that both figuratively and literally. in the motht offenthive way pothible. tho, yeah, maybe thith year i can burn down her apartment, or thteal her prethentth and thtomp on them.. tho.. i'm thutch a fuck.
i thould thet her car on fire! hahahahah! or, i could jutht be a dick to her for not wanting to make hathte to meet my every whim and dethire? what do you think, diary? diary, i'm tho glad you're here to lithten to my feelingth and blah blah blah, i'm tho gay.

anyhoo, i love you, diary. more than i ever loved lorin. becauthe i'm a dunce.


Current Mood: devious
Saturday, January 3rd, 2004
1:45 pm
i'm so damn gay.

hahahaha, not only am i gay, but i'm the funniest girl ever.. er, i mean, evar.

i mean, funniest boy evar.

this means war.
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