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how is this possible?


Gay Montag
5 April
i hate fags. and queers. and niggers. and crackers. and pansies. and you. and your family. and your mom. she was a bad lay.

i also hate myself because i'm so lame. i also steal other people's interests, for which i'm going to be tackled and destroyed.
!ia!shubniggauruth!, alexander fuckign mcqueen, antonyms, aphex twin, argueing your point, arling and cameron, astralwerks, autechre, avarice, ayahuasca, badgersbadgersbadgersbadgers, banter, being an arguementative bastard, birthday cake, blasphemy, blatant refusal, blondie, books, bootleggers, carpetbaggers, catma, cavalli, chupacabras, comic book stores, comics, contradictions, couture, crimethinc., cthulu fthagn, cursing, cursing_in_front_of_the_kids, d-d-d-d-d-d-decopage, dada, daft punk, dancing, death_to_short_term_memory, decoupage, derring-do, devodevodevo, discordia, diy, drunk on stolen wine, dunedunedune, electro, electroclash, electronic music, ella, erasure, excitement, expletives, extravagence, exuberance, fnord, forgetting_stuff_from_a_couple_seconds_ago, frankie, friendster, fuck you, glam, glamcore, guys who read comics, hakim bey, hats, history, hot hot heat, how awesome lorin is, idm, installation, intellectual masterbation, jargon, jung, kenya believe it, keyboards, kitsch, kultur, lazy days, leary, lingo, linguistics, lithping, lo-fi, lorin, lorin from six months_ago, making lists unneccesarily, marijuana, mates of state, matriotism, meaning, mixed media, motown, my car not overheating, myspace, nails and hammers, neil diamond, no-fi, not you, not_understanding_gravity, novelty, nu wave, nuklearpower.com, pallets, patois, petite chienne, petty thievery, plectics, pokethulu, polychroma 9000, porn, postal service, power ties, pretty after application, religion, rules_where_made_to_be_cheated, salvia_is_lame, score_one_for_the_good_guys, scotch, semiotics, singing, situationism, slang, split enz, stabbity, sticking_it_to_the_man, subversion, sunglasses, synonyms, synthesizers, tacky, taurine, the color white, the cranberries, the internet, the thermals, tmbg, trio, trying to be lorin, villainy, warp records, we are a&c, whiskey, white coats, white hats, white shoes, white ties, wilson, wizards, wolfsheim, wordplay, writing, yage, zolo